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Kayaking groups of Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut

by Tom Houde

So you just purchased the fishing kayak of your choice from The Kayak Centre. Now you are looking for answers to your questions regarding kayak safety, kayak rigging, and kayak fishing. Hopefully, this post will show you some of the resources available in the form of teams and group memberships. These organizations are actively involved with the kayak community and serve the local and regional areas of New England. 

Aquidneck Island Striper Team (AIST)

AIST logo

Aquidneck Island Striper Team is a group of anglers from all across the Ocean State dedicated to fishing and supporting our Veterans! AIST has a membership fee and offers: a year long tournament, special tournaments, an annual awards banquet, guest speakers, and an active kayak fishing community. This team also includes boat and shore fishermen and women. AIST usually competes well and places in the On The Water Striper Cup each year.

Rhode Island Saltwater Anglers Association (RISAA) 


Rhode Island Saltwater Anglers Association logo

To quote RISSA’s Purpose statement

The Rhode Island Saltwater Anglers Association is a nonprofit organization, created to provide a forum for recreational saltwater anglers; to provide education to members and the public concerning fishing techniques, improved catches, and overall enjoyment of fishing; to foster sportsmanship; to support marine conservation and sound management of fisheries resources; and provide a unified voice to preserve and protect the rights, traditions and the future of recreational fishing in Rhode Island.

RISAA has a membership fee and offers: a year long tournament, an annual awards banquet, guest speakers, and an active kayak fishing community. This is quite possibly the best-organized group for kayak fishing due to their published list of kayak outings that include date, launch site, and group leader.

Rhode Island Canoe and Kayak Association(RICKA)

Rhode Island Canoe/Kayak Association logo

RICKA’s purpose is

A. To develop and promote boating and water safety practice through programs and clinics.
B. To provide members with the opportunity for recreational paddling.
C. To provide members with instruction and training in paddling techniques 
D. To promote and sponsor competitive paddling events which may benefit various charities in the community.
E. To enable members to speak with a common voice on matters of concern to the paddlers.
F. To educate members and the general public on the importance of protecting the environment and making better use of our natural resources.

There is a membership fee with this organization. RICKA offers an alternative to the kayaker who wants to tour or photograph instead of fish.

New England Kayak Fishing (NEKF)

New England Kayak Fishing logo

Welcome to New England Kayak Fishing, the premier resource for kayak fishing information in the New England region. NEKF created this site in 2005 to help promote and educate people on the exciting sport of kayak fishing. NEKF welcomes all skill levels and invites everyone to register. NEKF runs the popular Mass Bay Striper Shootout. This tournament is held in August at Winter Island located in Salem, MA.

Ocean State Kayak Anglers Association (OSKAA) 

Ocean State Kayak Anglers Association logo

OSKAA was created by a group of kayak fishermen, for kayak fishermen with members throughout Rhode Island and Southern New England waters. OSKAA is a place where you can share photos and videos of recent catches & experiences, ask questions, learn new things like rigging and techniques, talk about kayak safety, and make plans to go fishing with other group members. OSKAA sponsors the kayak division of the Fluke Til Ya Puke tournament held Father’s Day weekend. FTYP is one of the largest Fluke tournaments in the region.

Ocean State Kayak Bassin(OSKB)

Ocean State Kayak Bassin logo

OSKB is looking for serious kayak anglers to create a KBF partner club for the 2019 season. This is an open Facebook group offering fresh water kayak anglers an alternative to RIKB. I discovered this small group while gathering information for the larger groups and teams I am familiar with.

Ocean State Kayak Fishing(OSKF)

Ocean State Kayak Fishing logo

OSKF is dedicated to kayak fishing throughout Rhode Island. Members can share photos and videos of recent catches. Members can also use this group to make plans to go fishing with other group members. Be sure to keep an eye out for the OSKF seminar that The Kayak Centre is hosting on March 30, 2019. Randy and Ian will have some interesting topics regarding kayak fishing in our local waters.

Rhode Island Kayak Bassin’(RIKB)

Rhode Island Kayak Bassin logo

Known for the Rhode Island Kayak Bassin’ fishing Tournament Trail, the 2019 Trail will be published under Events when we have them lined up. Check back often! You’ll find some great fishing holes, a big payout, and lots of fun. RIKB provides an active tournament schedule throughout the season. RJ Alves and Matt Tetrault provide professionally run tournaments on tourneyX and have several sponsors lined up. If you’re a freshwater kayak angler this is the group for you.

TBO Kayak Fishing Club

TBO logo

TBO is Three Belles Outfitters. This kayak fishing club is a physical and online gathering place for all who enjoy the sport of kayak fishing. TBO hosts tournaments, gatherings, programs, and seminars so they can share our passion for the sport with one another and improve upon our kayak angling skills. TBO aims to improve and expand the sport of kayak fishing and educate new participants on conservationism, environmental stewardship, and kayak fishing etiquette. The TBO crew represents fresh and saltwater kayakers in CT and surrounding areas. TBO members Cris DeBeer and Nicholas Wedel have competed on the International stage via the Hobie Worlds in 2018. Team TBO also runs the increasingly popular TBO Trifecta. I had the pleasure of representing the TBO Kayak Fishing team for 2017 and 2018.

Yak Patrol Cape Cod(YPCC)

Yak Patrol Cape Cod logo

YPCC is a Facebook group for fishing out of a kayak featuring pictures, techniques, and equipment. Lots of laughs are always welcome! YPCC is also a group of great canal fishermen. Headed by Ryan Dubay and supported by a couple of admins, YPCC runs the popular and growing kayak Clash. 2019 features the 5.0 version of this tournament and I can say I was there as a participant from the beginning. The Clash raises funds for the Dana Farber Cancer Research center.

My intent for presenting these organizations to the new or experienced kayak angler is for you to expand your own personal network of kayak fishing resources. These organizations are made up of some very experienced fishermen and women willing to share knowledge and experience to help improve your skill set. Most organizations do a great job of offering tournament participation to feed your competitive nature or just get you on the water in a friendly environment so you don’t have to go it alone. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me through Facebook messenger or any of these fine organizations.

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